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Welcome to As we rebuild with new articles, users can publish, share, and discover articles on a wide range of topics. The site functions as a central hub where individuals will be able to submit their written content, images, and video for others to read and engage with. Here's a breakdown of how our article site typically works:

1. User Registration: Authors posting for the first time are required to create an account on the article site by providing their basic information such as name and email address. This registration process ensures that the site can track and manage user activity effectively.

2. Article Submission: Once registered, users can submit their articles to the site. They typically have access to an article submission form where they can enter the title, content, and any relevant metadata such as tags or categories. Images and video links. You may provide two links for citation only. Links to sales and marketing venues are acceptable when members have a business account with a current subscription.

Reviewing Submissions

3. Review and Approval: After submission, your article goes through a review process by the site's administrators or editors. They assess the quality, relevance, and adherence to the site's guidelines. If the article meets the nonbusiness criteria, it is approved for publication. Otherwise, the author may be requested to revise and resubmit.

4. Publication: Once approved, the article becomes publicly available on the site. It is typically displayed on the homepage or relevant category pages depending on its topic. The article may include the author's name, a publication date, and any additional information such as a bio or social media links.

Interact With Articles

5. User Interaction: Readers can access the articles on the site and engage with them in various ways. They can leave comments, rate or like the article, and share it on social media platforms.

6. Search and Discovery: provides search functionality, allowing users to find articles based on keywords, tags, or categories. Additionally, the search may offer curated content recommendations based on the user's interests or browsing history. This helps readers discover new articles and authors.

7. Analytics and Metrics: as we gain momentum, the Benson biz will provide authors with insights into their article's performance. This includes metrics such as the number of views, comments, likes, and shares. These analytics help authors gauge the reach and impact of your content. Overall, the serves as a platform for authors to showcase their writing skills and share their knowledge with a wider audience. It provides readers with a diverse range of articles to explore and engage with, fostering a community of knowledge-sharing and information exchange.