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YouTube Tests Subscription Sorting, Improved Upload Flow for Members Only Shorts

YouTube Changes

YouTube’s looking to help users more easily find the latest content of most relevance to them, while it’s also making it easier for creators to publish Members-Only Shorts, as an added incentive.

Social Media Today

Surprising Benefits of Creating Multilingual Ads

TikTok Multi Language Benefit Graph

You might be missing out on opportunities by failing to display your messages in multiple languages.

That’s the key message of TikTok’s latest research report, conducted in partnership with NRG, which looked at how TikTok users respond to bilingual ads, and the approaches that brands can take to help boost their promotions across language barriers.

Spanish Speaking US residents prefer bilingual ads over Spanish-only ads? Or that when seeing ads that incorporated Spanish, Millennials were 1.6x more likely to say the brand cares about its customers and 1.5x more likely to feel that brand is trustworthy?                 Spanish Speaking Millennials

                                        Meta Advertisers Report System Glitches Are Pushing up Ad Prices

Have you been keeping an eye on your Facebook ads charges and performance? You probably should, because according to a new report from Bloomberg, Facebook’s ad system has been “glitchy” for weeks now.
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                                      Instagram Trials AI-powered Chatbots for Influencers

Being an influencer can be a lot of work, and now Instagram thinks A.I. can lend a big hand.
Instagram is pitching popular influencers on a program that relies on artificial intelligence to interact with fans, the latest example of how Meta, Instagram’s parent company, is trying to expand the technology across its products.
The program builds on parent company Meta's earlier work to develop AI versions of celebrities for fans to interact with, which has earned a mixed response from users.

                                                                  N.Y. Times

                                            YouTube Cracking Down on Third-Party Ad-Blocking Apps

YouTube has started preventing people from viewing content through outside apps if they block ads. The company stated that ads "help support creators and let billions of people around the world use the streaming service" and recommends YouTube Premium for those who prefer to go ad free.
Users may see a “The following content is not available on this app” error message or experience “buffering issues” when they try to play content though those alternative clients.

                                                              YouTube App Blocks Ads